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Advanced Wildlife Removal is the premier wildlife control and animal exclusion company in Southern California! We have earned the #1 spot on the Top 10 List of Wildlife Control companies at!


We service all residential and business properties. Advanced Wildlife Removal is licensed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (License # D-0021561608-9).

Wildlife Control Is Our Passion

We LOVE working in wildlife control! And, we love animals! Our staff uses humane methods when dealing with wildlife. There is a delicate natural ecosystem that can be respected when working with animals. Yet, we understand that these creatures and critters simply should NOT be in your property!

We know animal infestations can be uncomfortable – even dangerous – experiences for clients. Let us take care of everything so that you can go back to living pest free. We deliver results with pride, honesty, and a genuine desire to help.

Collectively, our team has successfully completed over 1,000 jobs in cities throughout these regions:

  • Bakersfield and Surrounding Cities

Wildlife Removal & Animal Control Service With Exclusion, Trapping and Abatement in Bakersfield

Advanced Wildlife is one of Southern California’s premier wildlife control and animal exclusion companies. The company services all types of residential and business properties and are licensed by California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The company is passionate about humane wildlife control and love to care for animals. The company’s staff member only employ humane methods of handling wildlife and respect the natural balance of ecosystems. At the same time, they understand the creatures and critters shouldn’t be making places your roof, attic, or any other part of your home their home.

Here is a look at some of the most common animal removals Advanced Wildlife Removal deals with:

Use Our Extermination, Prevention and Extraction Company in Bakersfield

This company has a passion for wildlife control along with caring for animals. There staff members only use humane methods to handle wildlife and have a respect for the natural balance of the ecosystem. Yet they also understand that critters and creatures should not be taking up residence in places like your attic, your roof or anywhere else in your home.

Here is a list of some of the common animal removals that Advanced Wildlife Removal can deal with:


Raccoons are grayish-brown mammals found in America and have ringed tails, black masks, and a fox-like face. In the state of California, the company conducts control of raccoon exclusion each week. The animals are most active between the months of March and October and are often hard to trap. For your safety and that of your family, it is advisable that you only have a trained and licensed professional animal control company deal with a raccoon problem.

Raccoons are often found near forested areas and water sources. They’ll make their dens or homes in various locations including residential attics, below building structures, in trees, or in ground burrows. It is worth noting that raccoons are hosts and have been known to carry rabies. As such, it is vital to ensure that you keep your children and pets at safe distances when you spot one.

Evicting Racoons

To protect their young, the female raccoon den in locations that are hard-to-access around or even in your property. These mammals are strong and cause significant damage in order to locate a safe-den. This can include ripping off panels and pulling of screen vents around your home. They are even able to pull a door off to access crawl spaces.

An eviction process for a raccoon will start by finding the den. The wildlife removal experts will then spray a male racoon pheromone into the area. This will encourage the female to leave the den. Once she has left, all the entry points will be closed using custom-built screens.


Opossums are small-to-medium sized marsupials found in America with a pointed snout and a scaly almost-hairless prehensile tail. These marsupials are mostly active in the evenings. It’s important to keep children and pets away from opossums as they’re always ready to fight off any threats using their sharp and pointed teeth and can cause serious injuries.

While opossums aren’t that aggressive, they’ll get agitated when cornered. It is worth noting that Opossums that live around urban areas have lost their fear of humans and, therefore, have no problem entering a home if they smell food. You’ll usually find these marsupials below buildings, under decks and porches, in tool sheds, and in attics. For the control and safe removal of opossums, call the animal removal expert at Advanced Wildlife Removal by dialing 714-862-9687. The removal process takes no more than a week to complete.

There are several preventive measures that you put in place to ensure that your home is less attractive to mammals like these:

– Trim overgrown bushes and shrubs
– Ensure tree branches are at least 5-feet away from roof edges
– Bring in pet food and water in the evenings
– Ensure that your trash bins are secured using tight lids


Skunks are cat-sized mammals found in America and are members of the Mephitidae family. The mammals have distinctive black and white striped fur. When threatened, they squirt a potent spray of foul-smelling liquid from their anal glands aiming it at their attackers. Skunks can blast their defensive, foul-smelling spray up to 10 feet away. The spray is basically an irritant that leaves the victim feeling uncomfortable; however, it does not cause any serious or major damage.

Never attempt to trap a skunk by yourself. Striped skunks are quite common in California and are always found near residential properties. They’re most active during the night but can also be seen scavenging around during the day.


Never try to capture a coyote by yourself! For a safer, more humane eviction, call Advanced Wildlife Removal and let them help you safely remove coyotes within a week. It is vital that you keep your pets and children away if you spot a coyote near or around your home.

Rodents, Mice & Rats

Gophers are burrowing rodents native to Central America, Southern United States, and Western North America and are about the same size as large rats. The rodents have big cheeks and pouch openings beside their mouths. For the successful removal or abatement of gophers will require skilled and persistent efforts. To completely eliminate their presence from your home, you need the services of a professional animal control company like Advanced Wildlife Removal who are experts at controlling and removing gophers. The eviction duration is dependent on how large your gopher infestation is; however, you can expect to have your property or home gopher-free within a month.

The extermination techniques used are safe for children, pets and for your soil’s integrity. Once a majority of gophers in your yard have been trapped and successfully eliminated, a safe gas treatment is used to exterminate the remaining rodents. The removal experts from Advanced Wildlife Removal also suggest effective methods you can use to prevent further infestation in the future.


These burrowing rodents come from Central America, western North America and the southern U.S, which are similar in size to large rats. They have big cheek pouches-openings beside their mouths. The successful abatement or removal of gophers will take persistent and skilled efforts. Advanced Wildlife Removal are experts when it comes to Gopher control. The duration of such an eviction will depend on how large the infestation is, but you can usually expect to have your home or property free of gophers within a month.

Extermination processes used are safe for pets, children and the integrity of your soil. Once trapping has successfully eliminated the majority of gophers in your yard, a gas treatment that is safe is used for exterminating the remaining gophers. These removal experts will also suggest effective methods that you can use to prevent a future infestation.


Moles are small, burrowing mammals with dark velvety fur and long muzzles. The animals have small eyes and concealed ears and are even harder to trap and catch than gophers. Their removal will often necessitate the use of a set of unique methods and traps to ensure success. The time frame for proper eviction of moles will depend on how severe their infestation is but will usually take a month.

Moles can cause significant and unsightly damages to your yard. That is why Advanced Wildlife Removal recommends that you contact a professional removal company as soon as you see any mole activity.

Bird Control

When looking for experts in the control of birds like sterling, swallow or pigeons, go for a company like Advanced Wildlife for a safer, more humane eviction which takes about 2 days to complete. However, permanent deterrents may take slightly longer to successfully install.

As a certified Bird.B.Gone a bird deterrent device installers, the company suggests the use of the most ideal permanent solutions that will match your requirements like bird netting or bird slopes. Bird netting, which comes in different mesh sizes, is an impenetrable bird barrier for birds like swallows, starlings, and pigeons.


Bats are nocturnal mammals with membranous wings that extend between their fingers and connect the animal’s body to it forelimbs, hind limbs, and tail. These mammals carry various diseases and can even bite if cornered. It is vital that you only use the services of an expert animal removal company for the safe and skillful extraction of bats. Bat control services include:

– A thorough inspection of your home, both inside and outside
– Capture and extraction of bats
– Exclusion to prevent infestations in the future
– Clean up and disinfection of areas where bats once occupied to remove harmful and unsafe contaminants


Snakes are limbless, long reptiles with no eyelids, short tails and jays that can extend considerably. Some snakes have venomous bites. Considering this, it is vital that you never try handling a snake on your own. Snake extraction and removal will usually require a single visit and Advanced Wildlife Control are professionals at locating and removing snakes from residential or business properties. With their extensive experience, they’re able to identify potential entry points and risk areas. To stop snakes from gaining access to your home or from returning after removal, the company uses safe repellents.

Removal Of Dead Animals

Whether the dead animal’s carcass can be seen, or you just smell a pungent smell coming from somewhere within your home, the professionals at Advanced Wildlife Removal can be of assistance. For dead animals within your wall, they’ll cut into your wall, clean up the contaminated area before disinfecting it, and then patch up holes they have made professionally.

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