Why Franchises Need SEO?


Running a business in the modern world – and this includes just about all types of business models including franchises – means fighting for search engine exposure. But why has this become some important? Because don’t people listen to radio ads or watch television anymore?

Yes, they do, but most people are finding what they need online instead of waiting for tv and radio ads. We live in a world where people like to take action, hence the reason why search engine optimization is critical for every business wanting to compete.

The Benefits Of SEO For Franchises

There are several benefits that come with the right search engine optimization strategy. But to keep things simple and to the point, here are some of the reasons why every business wants a piece of the action.

– Authority Figure

First of, if you rank high on search engine results, your site will naturally be considered as an “authority” site. In other words, the chances are good that online users will trust your judgment and opinion, simply because they trust the judgment of search engines. And if Google put at you at the top of the page, it means you have something valuable to offer.

– A Lot Of Organic Traffic

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that front page exposure can be substantial. More specifically, research shows that only about 30% of online users will click to the second page, while 70% will click on the first page or abandon the search term altogether.

Now consider the fact that organic traffic will convert the best, and the more you get, the better the odds of your franchise increasing its profits. Ultimately, you are expanding your reach in ways you can’t do through television or radio, and it’s a lot cheaper.

– Unlimited Options

The fact is that once you reach the first page, your options will only be limited by your imagination. Because with a high ranking you get authority and all the traffic you can handle. The question is what you are going to do with all this exposure?

Sure, you can spend thousands on conventional advertising, or can you take the more effective and efficient channel. Go online where reaching your target market only requires a small budget, time, knowledge, and effort. And once those elements are in place, there is no telling how far your franchise can go.