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any of a family (Geomyidae) of burrowing rodents of western North America, Central America, and the southern U.S. that are the size of a large rat and have large cheek pouches opening beside the mouth — called also pocket gopher
Professional Gopher Control will remove Pocket Gophers like this

Gopher Facts

  • Activity: Nychthemeral (Day and Night)
  • Type: Mammals
  • Diet: Herbivores
  • Average Life Span: 1-3 years in the wild
  • Breeding: active during the rainy season (early November)
  • Size: 5-14 inches
  • Weight: .5 pound

It is critical that gopher control is started as early as possible. At the first sign of a gopher infestation, call Advanced Wildlife Removal at 714.862.9687. If you delay gopher removal efforts, your yard and gardens will suffer more damage. Beautiful landscapes are the result of hard work and financial investment — do not let gophers destroy it all.

Gophers, or pocket gophers, create tunnel burrow systems spanning an area up to 2,000 square feet. They tunnel in residential yards, gardens and fields. As a result, your grounds suffer from costly damage to landscaping and irrigation systems. You can identify a gopher infestation by the fan-shaped mounds of dirt with a plug at the small side of the fan. Gopher tunnels are typically 6-12 inches below your grounds.

Gophers use a strong sense of smell to find food — they typically eat the roots and fleshy portions of fresh vegetation, plants and shrubs.

Gopher Control

Successful gopher removal requires a skilled, persistent effort. Call Advanced Wildlife Removal at 714.862.9687 for expert gopher control. The time frame for eviction depends on the size of the infestation – usually completed in about one (1) month.

The extermination process is safe for children, pets and soil integrity. Once trapping has eliminated most of the gophers, a safe gas treatment is used to exterminate remaining gophers. Of course, we will also recommend effective methods to prevent future infestations.

Gopher Fencing

Block gophers, not your valuable view!

One of the most effective gopher exclusion methods is our gopher fencing. Our gopher fences are custom-built with quarter-inch (1/4″) vinyl-coated steel hardware cloth. The gopher fence is secured with durable, weather-resistant materials, and is anchored by deep underground trenches. Gophers cannot burrow through or dig below the barrier.

Similar fencing is also available for snake exclusion and skunk exclusion purposes.

5-year Warranty

Advanced Wildlife Removal offers are 5-year warranty on all fences that we build – including maintenance visits every six (6) months. Maintenance is fast and cost-effective thanks to the sectional design of the barrier.

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