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a long limbless reptile that has no eyelids, a short tail, and jaws that are capable of considerable extension. Some snakes have a venomous bite.

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Snake Facts

  • Activity: Nychthemeral (Day and Night)
  • Type: Reptiles
  • Size: Up to 6 feet (Rattlesnakes)

Here in Southern California, we have three common snakes:

  • Rattlesnakes
  • California Kingsnakes
  • Gopher Snakes

All of these snakes eat rodents; so, you might say they do serve a good purpose by ridding your property of mice and rats. Still, we think you’re much better off having the friendly, highly-qualified staff at Advanced Wildlife Removal handle your rodent exclusion efforts rather than living with snakes … just our 2 cents worth!


The most common Rattlesnake in California is Crotalus oreganus. Rattlesnakes are dangerous creatures with a potentially lethal venomous bite. They can grow up to six (6) feet long. Rattlesnakes have distinctive triangular-shaped heads and, in most cases, a tail that emits a rattling sound used to warn potential threats.

Please do NOT handle Rattlesnakes yourself! Even if a rattlesnake is dead, do NOT touch it — a rattlesnake that has died more than one (1) hour ago can have a reflex bite that injects venom.

Rattlesnakes are actually hunted by the next snake on our list…

California Kingsnake

The California Kingsnake, Lampropeltis californiae, is less of a threat to humans – thanks to its non-venomous bite – than it is to rodents, reptiles, other small animals, and Rattlesnakes. The California Kingsnake actively hunts, kills and consumes all of its prey, including the Rattlesnake. Interestingly, the California Kingsnake is a constrictor; so, like the mighty Python, it literally squeezes the life out of its prey!

Living up to 15 years and growing up to 4 feet long, the California Kingsnake is not really the sort of tenant most property owners like having around. Of course, that depends on your natural response to slithering, hissing, rattling predators who might visit while you’re sunbathing in your yard.

Oh, we should mention that the California Kingsnake has a rattling tail that resembles the sound of the Rattlesnake. So yea … that would freak us out too if we weren’t so used to capturing snakes.

Gopher Snakes

While the Gopher snake, Pituophis catenifer, is regarded as a harmless snake, it is a large and powerful snake. It can grow up to 8 feet long. While its bite will be painful, the bite is non-venomous. The Gopher snake does not have a rattling tail.

When threatened, Gopher snakes curl into a viper-like S-shaped pose, vibrate their tails, and flatten their heads, which makes the head appear diamond-shaped, like a Rattlesnake’s head. They have been known to fire a “warning shot” to predators by striking with a closed mouth and its hard nose. If the Gopher snake still feels threatened, it will bite.

Snake Control

Do not handle snakes yourself! Call Advanced Wildlife Removal at 714.862.9687 for expert snake control. Safe, humane eviction of snakes is usually completed in one (1) visit.

We will find and remove snakes from your property. With years of experience, our trained eyes will identify potential entry points and areas of risk. We also use safe repellents to prevent snakes from returning.

Snake Fencing

Block snakes, not your valuable view!

One of the most effective snake exclusion methods is our snake fencing. Our snake fences are custom-built with quarter-inch (1/4″) vinyl-coated steel hardware cloth. The snake fence is secured with durable, weather-resistant materials, and is anchored by trenches up to 12-inches (12″) below ground. Snakes are not able to slither through the fence, nor can snakes climb over or dig below the barrier.

Similar fencing is also available for skunk exclusion and gopher exclusion purposes.

5-year Warranty

Advanced Wildlife Removal offers are 5-year warranty on all fences that we build – including maintenance visits every six (6) months. Maintenance is fast and cost-effective thanks to the sectional design of the barrier.

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