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No job is finished until Advanced Wildlife Control can execute a well-planned, professional wildlife exclusion strategy that is uniquely designed for your property’s needs. Our animal exclusion methods are industry-leading techniques using high quality materials – proudly installed with a focused attention to detail and care.

Wildlife-proofing methods require:

  • the right tools!
  • the right skills!
  • high-grade materials!

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Wildlife Fences

Block wildlife, not your valuable view!

Our wildlife fences provide peace-of-mind and security to property owners – especially those who deal with regular intrusions by snakes, skunks and gophers. Our wildlife fences are custom-built with quarter-inch (1/4″) vinyl-coated steel hardware cloth. Each wildlife fence is secured with durable, weather-resistant materials, and is anchored by deep underground trenches. Wildlife cannot burrow through or dig below the barrier.

Our Wildlife Fences Have a 5-year Warranty

Advanced Wildlife Removal offers are 5-year warranty on all fences that we build – including maintenance visits every six (6) months, at no extra charge. Maintenance is fast and cost-effective thanks to the sectional design of the barrier.

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Quality Guaranteed

Our solutions are built to last year-after-year. Advanced Wildlife Removal uses proven construction materials, such as stucco, cement, metal fill fabric, and wood. We never use foam because animals will eventually breach it.

When wildlife-proofing a property against rodent infestations, it takes a highly-trained eye to recognize hidden entry points. Larger animals, such as Raccoons and Opossums, can be deterred only by well-built, hardened barriers. Our barriers are weather-resistant. Screens and vents are repaired or replaced and secured to prevent future intrusions. If a stubborn animal finds a way to break through our barriers within one (1) year, we will fix it for free.

Service Warranty
Wildlife Fences 5-years (with regular maintenance)
Custom-built Screens 1-year
Repaired Vents 1-year
Repaired Animal Damage 1-year

When we need to use repellents, we use non-toxic products that are safe for children, pets and soil integrity.

Certified Installers

In order to best serve our customers, we invested time in becoming certified installers of Bird•B•Gone bird control products and deterrents. Advanced Wildlife Control and Bird•B•Gone are committed to solving bird problems:

  • effectively!
  • humanely!
  • economically!

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