Need not look further, these guys are the REAL DEAL!!!!

I contacted several different places early Saturday morning because of a skunk problem my family was dealing with for over a month. I reached out to everyone through Yelp and Advanced Animal Removal was the first to get back to me. I asked several questions and not only were their prices the best, there were the only ones who genuinely seemed to want to help whatever way they could. They said they would be at my house the same day while other places said they were closed on the weekend. No brainer.

Frank and his team came later that afternoon and they were absolute pros!! They checked every crevice of the house, set up several traps and even climbed underneath the house to make sure there were no other creatures that needed taking care of! WOW. Even my skeptical parents were VERY impressed at how thorough the work was and were blown away at their handy work- each vent of the house was resealed by Frankie. Payment was a breeze and all I had to do was contact them when the skunk was caught.

The skunk was caught the next day!! I wasn’t home but Frank came by, removed the skunk, set up another trap, just in case there was a chance there would be another skunk, and sealed up another vent in the front of the house.

Three rounds of this and all I can say is we are one big happy family that no longer has a skunk problem all due to Advanced Wildlife Removal. I wish I could give them 10 stars for their expertise, their time flexibility, their customer service, all their hard work and the amazing price.

Thank you again Advanced Wildlife Removal!!!!

Hannah L.
New York, NY